Lion or Water buffalo?

December 24, 2007

Lion or water buffalo?

That part is pretty amazing but so is the middle where the guy is telling people how crazy they are for succumbing to advertising.

(above is 5 min video)


Consumerism from beginning to end

December 20, 2007

Good video to curb shopping craze

It’s a little long but helps you understand the big picture.

Here’s some info from the video:

99% of the stuff we buy, using up our planet’s resources,  polluting ourselves and the environment, creating crappy working conditions for Americans and others, making ourselves less happy, and creating waste . . . 99% of it ends up in the trash within 6 months!! Unbelievable!  At least if we used it someone could try to justify it but seriously!

The wheel of our lives:  we work hard so when we get home we veg in front of the tv, the advertisements tell us we have the wrong car, wrong clothes, vacation in the wrong place, have the wrong furniture . . . so we go shopping and then we go to work to make more money and then we go home and watch tv . . . .

Planned obsolence and perceived obsolence.  Back in the 1950’s corporations started figuring out how to make their products break down after a period of time but not too soon so consumers would still have faith in their products!!  And why are there different styles of clothing and computers, phones, etc every year?  So you feel left out if you don’t have the latest.  I’ve had a hunch for a long time that in the world of technology they have the know how to make the phones/computers they’ll be making several years from now but they dole each feature out one year at a time so you’ll keep buying.  I realize it’s also conceivable that people are constantly figuring out new things to do but either way the techno world is NOT trying to reduce waste.  It doesn’t matter if they start accepting old computers in an effort at recyling, they will never try to make the one you buy last longer because they want you to buy, buy, buy.  I refuse to fall into this trap.  I only bought a new phone because mine finally just gave up, I wear shoes that were “in” several years ago (I will until they break and they’re very determined for cheap shoes) and my 1997 car is still holding on at 187,000 miles.

So you SUCKERS need to wake up!!

Algo se muere en el alma cuando un amigo se va

December 6, 2007

This makes me so sad

Bill Maher

November 29, 2007

Funny because it’s true, no?

Thanks Bill for putting it so well!!

A Mom shocked about Gap

November 7, 2007

For her post click here

I start feeling pretty good about myself:  buying food at the farmers’ market, using organic cleaners, trying to avoid Wal-Mart, etc but then something will remind me that for toys and clothes my choice (other than second-hand which I do primarily) is stuff made in China in bad working conditions.  And it’s sad that stores in this country started using sweatshops without people’s voices being heard.  Yes, people love to not spend money (in other words get a great deal) but I’d say that well over 50% would rather pay more and not have child laborers.  Of course, the corporations probably know that but also know they will make a lot more using them.

I imagine that all the stores in this town (Cato’s, Maurices, JCPenney, KMart, Goodys) have mostly products made in China and little to no products made fairly.

Do you suppose if we wrote our congressmen/women and asked for laws to be passed where corporations couldn’t use sweatshops for adults or children even overseas that we could bring about change?  The funny thing is there probably is some law like that . .
. .

20 things worse for kids than lead paint

October 17, 2007

Yes, I’m still here, just haven’t had the desire to write.

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3. Hot dogs
Hot dogs are made with horrifying processed meat parts (click here to see shocking photos of processed meat products, then preserved with a cancer-causing ingredient called sodium nitrite. As detailed in my book Grocery Warning, this ingredient causes brain tumors in children, not to mention leukemia, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and other cancers. Hot dogs are far more dangerous to a child’s health than lead paint in my opinion, and yet parents keep feeding them to their children!

4. Antibacterial soap
How about a little nerve toxin in your soap? That’s what’s found in antibacterial soap. It’s a toxic cocktail of chemicals designed to kill life. That’s how it kills bacteria. The problem is that it also harms people — especially infants and children who are trying to develop healthy nervous systems. Avoid all products claiming to be “antibacterial.” You’re better off using natural soap (like Dr. Bronner’s soap, ) and letting your child’s immune system fight off common bacteria. The world isn’t sterile, after all. You can’t turn your house into a germ-free bubble.

14. Flame retardant chemicals
Did you know that new mattresses for infants and children are often sprayed with extremely toxic flame retardant chemicals? These are easily absorbed through the skin of infants and children where they contribute to numerous neurological disorders and immune suppression. Many clothing products are also sprayed with flame retardants, as are some carpeting products. In the push to make everything fireproof, state regulators (who have mandated the flame retardant chemicals in states like California) have created a toxic environment for everyone. I suppose if you’re a politician, it’s always better for a million people to die of a mysterious disease that can’t be linked to you than to have one baby burning up on the evening news with fingers of blame pointed directly at you.

16. Air fresheners
Air fresheners contain cancer-causing chemicals. Unleashing them in the house exposes children to these chemicals, promoting asthma and other respiratory problems. If you value the health of your children, avoid air freshener products and just use essential oils or citrus peels instead. (Peel an orange and hang the peel in your kitchen.)

18. Dryer sheets
Most popular dryer sheets and fabric softeners are made with toxic synthetic chemicals that are not safe to use on children’s clothing. The fragrance chemicals alone are often highly carcinogenic, and the other chemicals contribute additional toxicity to the clothing. Children’s clothes should never be washed or dried in chemicals. Only use natural detergents and fabric softeners, or avoid the fabric softeners altogether.


It’s interesting to me that we may be slowly winning the war on pesticides as people are buying more organic so companies are turning that way, but I don’t think we have even begun to turn around on the amount of chemicals we use in our home.  There is still a big paranoia and push towards anti-bacterial EVERYTHING, thinking that more chemicals will keep us healthy by killing germs but miraculously sparing our delicate cells although we’re suscpetible to chemicals as well . . . .

Monsatan–I mean Monsanto

September 14, 2007

The future of food

You can go to and buy the movie or watch the above which comes in 7 clips of between 6 and 10 minutes a piece.

I felt sick to my stomach watching it–fear and the bad taste evil leaves.

“Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food, our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring it’s safety is the FDA’s job.” Phil Angell, Director of Corporate Communication, Monsanto. New York Times, Oct 25, 1998

Are you out of your #@!* mind?

First of all, the FDA does not have the capacity to monitor every product sold in this country. Second of all, what about the ethics? If you sell as much as possible and then people die, do you really wash your hands of it?? Yes, because you don’t believe in God or hell and your parents must not have loved you. Or they did love you but you ran into the devil one night and made a deal. You love money and you will drown in it.

We all want money. (Although some of us want it so we can give it away.) But to get it at the expense of another human being is one of the most evil things I can think of.

Corporations stole from us the land/people connection. Famines used to happen on a local and national scale. Genetically modified foods are resistant to blight so are supposed to prevent famine, but a famine will come, nonetheless. The suicide gene will contaminate other crops and there’ll be famine. Remember Ireland, the potato blight? They only had one kind of potato . . . . we used to have like 7,000 kinds of apples in this country and thousands of kinds of potatoes, corn, etc. Now we have like four kinds of potatoes. But maybe by then we’ll all be dead from suppressed immune systems, allergies to food, etc. Like the dinosaurs. Or X-men come true; we’ll all be mutants. (In the movie you sympathize with the mutants but who really wants it to happen in real life? Because we wouldn’t have cool mutations like flying, it would be like warts and goiters. And stomach fissures.)

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